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Courses are presented by our tutor, Warren, who is a qualified carpenter and cabinet maker. Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance after completion of a course.


Courses are held at OR Tambo Conference Center, Asquith Road, Boksburg. This venue does not belong to us and we have to book the conference center once a student has paid the course fee. As such the fee should be paid at least 10 days before the training course starts otherwise the venue may not be available.


The available dates of the courses can be viewed on our registration (booking) page. Here you can then select the dates that are suitable for you. If we find that the conference center has already been booked by someone else we will let you know immediately. This seldom happens if the course fee is paid 10 days in advance.

How Much

The course fee per student is R 4,680.00. Once the course is finished students will take with them the infant coffin and casket that they made during the course. Students will also receive the coffin templates, both manuals as well as a certificate. The fee can be paid by EFT or a by cash directly to our tutor. In the latter option a deposit of R 900.00 is to be made 10 days before the course starts.


Please note that accommodation is not included in the course fee, but the following is situated close to the training center, which is also reasonably priced:

  • Europrime Hotel
  • Sassy Pats

  • There is a hotel right by the venue (Afrique Boutique Hotel) but they are fairly expensive.
    The do-it-yourself kit covers the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. Included is an infant coffin and casket, which you can use as an example to make your own. The training videos and manuals will guide you through the entire manufacturing process
    Coffin And Casket DIY Kits

    A synopsis of what you get:

  • An infant coffin with trimmings
  • An infant raised flat lid casket with trimmings
  • 7 coffin templates (patterns to make the jigs)
  • 28 page coffin manual + 12 page casket manual
  • Coffin and casket training videos - View list
  • Business package for your business - View list
  • List of wood and other suppliers
  • The cost of the DIY kit is R 2,600.00, plus R 300.00 for the Freight charges. The kit will be ready 5 working days after payment is received.


    Coffin and casket DIY kit

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    SA Coffin Training was established during 2002 due to the huge demand for affordable funeral products. We strive to assist those who wants to join this lucrative market, either as a manufacturer or employee at an existing manufacturer.


    Students can choose between a training course in Boksburg, a do-it-yourself kit that you can use as an example to make your own coffins and casket, or the training videos, which is the affordable option. The videos are ideal if you are unable to attend a course or get the DIY kit. In all cases you also receive the coffin and casket training manuals and coffin templates.


    Your personal and contact information is strictly for our own use and will never be made available to third parties in any way whatsoever. Your postal address is required purely for delivery purposes. Should you wish to meet with our tutor (Warren) before booking a course, you can contact us here to arrange a meeting. Please ensure you make the arrangements at least 7 days in advance.

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