Many of us have spent our precious time and money looking for and trying different ways, to establish a successful business and earning a lucrative income. With the current Aids, swine flu and killer TB epidemic in Africa the demand for coffins and caskets are huge. Start your own coffin manufacturing outlet now, or become a distributor.



7 March 2018 - Great news, we have found another tutor and if all goes according to plan our courses should resume from about mid April 2018. Courses will be held in the Boksburg area. Watch this space for further info.
Sadly our tutor passed away on 02/10/2017 and courses have been suspended until further notice. The TRAINING MANUALS and DIY KITS are still available, or do the course from home with our TRAINING VIDEOS. The manuals, DIY kits and videos cover everything that the students do during the course. Our registration page will be reinstated as soon as we have found a replacement.
The course will provide you with the necessary practical knowledge to start your own coffin and/or casket manufacturing business. Students will be allocated their own workspace with access to the required tools. Courses are held in Kempton Park.

Students are required to arrive at 8.30am and depart at 4.00pm. One (max 2) students per course can attend, hence booking is to be made at least three weeks in advance. The course is designed to facilitate individual attention to each student. Free assistance will also be given to students for a period of 24 months after the course. A certificate of attendance will be issued on completion of the course.

Students must arrange their own accommodation. Refreshments and snacks will be provided by us during the day. Accommodation details can be viewed below.

Coffin Course (1.5 Days)
Students will personally construct a number two coffin, which is retained by the student and used as an example when starting your own business. In addition students also receive the following:

a) Seven templates (patterns used to make different sizes of coffins)
b) A complete 28 page manual see index here
c) Painting, staining, handles and trimmings are covered extensively in the manuals

Casket Course (1.5 days)

Students will personally construct an infant (number 2) raised flatlid casket. On completion of the course students will retain the infant casket that they have manufactured, which will serve as an example when starting their own business. Students also receive a 12-page casket manufacturing manual with diagrams that explains the complete manufacturing process from start to finish.

Combo Course Coffins & Caskets) (Approximately 2.5 days)
We have now also combined the coffin and casket courses into one. Students will construct a number 2 coffin and casket during this course. They will receive a manual for each. Students retain the number 2 coffin and casket that they have manufactured, plus they receive the coffin templates, jig, manuals and a certificate.

Required Tools To Start Your Business

Compressor & spray guns
Radial arm saw or table saw (must be able to calculate degrees)
Electric skill saw
Electric Sander & sandpaper
Electric Drill
Small tools such as screwdrivers, square, ruler, hammer, pliers, brackets, clamps, protractor and bevel

Payment by way of cash or electronic transfer is to be made at least 5 days prior to the start of the course. Due to fraudulent activities we no longer accept cheques.

You can register online here.

Students must arrange their own accommodation. We recommend the following:
JHB International Guest House
73 Ysterhout Street, Birchleigh, Kempton Park
(Please phone the numbers below JUST FOR ACCOMMODATION)
Tel 011-9723311 / 0826383608
Or visit the links below for more accommodation options in Kempton Park:
here and here
If you want to contact us about the courses then click here

Summary Of Costs
Coffin Course - R 2,500.00 Per Person
Casket Course - R 2,500.00 Per Person
Combo Course - R 3,450.00 Per Person

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